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Tuesday Tip: No Spills, No Clogs

No Spills

I learned this from my sister-in-law. She was a summer camp counselor and learned a great no spills trick from clever camper moms. I use this technique when I travel because it prevents the spills pressure changes from the airplane sometimes cause. I also use this on all my paints every time we move — and we move A LOT as a military family. All you do is take a plastic grocery bag and cut a square larger than your bottle opening. Unscrew the lid, place the plastic barrier over the opening, and then screw the lid back on to secure it. That’s it. I’ve never had a spill since.

No Clogs

My second trick works on precision tip types of bottles. I love Glossy Accents. If you’ve never used the product, it’s like a faux resin. Ranger describes it as, “a clear, three-dimensional gloss medium. Use to accent, brighten, dimensionalize and magnify distinct areas on any scrapbook page, album cover, rubber stamped image, paper craft or home décor project. Place Glossy Accents™ under embellishments to make them stick and on top to protect and glossify!” I mostly use it as a glue for small embellishments on cards or in my art journal. It’s as strong as superglue, but way easier to handle. Maybe just telling you about this product is your bonus Tuesday Tip. lol.

Anyway, like other glues, if the tip gets dried glue inside it, it’s a pain to unclog. Also, some people complain that the product turns yellow and cloudy after having it for a while, but mine never has. I store it with a pin in the top. You can still screw the lid right over it and it’ll be flowing perfectly next time you grab it.

There you have it. Hope I prevented some future spills and clogs for you!


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