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5 Valuable Fall Art Projects for Kids

Fall is an invigorating time of year. Enjoy the season with your kids with these valuable and inspiring creative autumn art projects. More than just capturing the lovely season, these projects delve into art history or a further understanding of the elements of art.

1) Kandinsky Tree Collage

Art Projects for Kids has a terrific idea of collaging rings of color upon a tree trunk to do a fun fall project. Introduce children to the art and life of Kandisky while also studying warm and cool colors.

2) Cubist Autumn Tree

KROKOTAK has a great video library of art projects for kids. This cubist autumn tree project is an easy fall coloring project with the bonus of being a springboard to discuss the cubist art movement.

3) Autumn Tree Collage

This autumn collage focuses on squares and rectangles to give the tree a pixelated like appearance. Children will like the resemblance to Minecraft. Using just paint, paper, crayons, glue, and scissors, the project is an accessible and beautiful one. The project is a great catalyst to discuss warm and cool colors as well as a loose thread to discuss Piet Mondrian‘s body of work.

4) Impressionist Fall Trees

Impressionist fall trees is another lovely That Artist Woman fall project. I did this lesson with fourth graders. Some of them got a little crazy with the India Ink, but the end products were still something the kids were excited to take home and show off. In addition to an introduction to Impressionism, this project was a great springboard for a discussion on the rule of thirds and the magic of 3.

5) Paul Klee Collage

This incredibly simple collage by Julianna Kunstler is a great fall project idea for younger kids. It only requires basic materials: colored paper, a sharpie, scissors, and glue. To add some art history to the discussion, introduce Paul Klee and look at his painting, “Park Bei Lu.”

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  • These are all really lovely and great for kids to do! It’s a fun and creative activity but I love the learning that can be involved too. We will definitely do these at my house.

  • I really like these art project ideas, with my son doing remote learning, i need all of the additional project ideas I can get!! I think he’s going to have a blast with these!

  • Dawn dpauleydesigns
    October 9, 2020 3:08 am

    Love all these projects. Such great ideas. I will definitely have to try some of them. BTW..Your blog is very lovely. You did a nice job with it.

  • I think my daughter would love these projects. She’s so into art that she might take her own spin on them though.


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