Free Online Class: Sketchbook Revival

I’m an online art course groupie. I take A LOT of online art courses. They make me happy. A new one starts in a couple of weeks that combines several different disciplines of art. As a bonus, it happens to be FREE, so I thought I’d share the info with you in the event you want to join me.

For the record, I am not affiliated in any way with this course. I’m merely an online art course junkie pointing out a free opportunity for artists.

Last year I signed up for this course. It began with how to make your own journal. Then, daily lessons were released with an email reminder. I did not keep up with it daily and thought I’d come back later to view the lessons — that’s not a good idea with this course. Not long after it ends, the lessons are put behind lock and key. Then, for a reasonable price, you can access them forever.

This year I plan to make an effort to preview the videos daily while they are still free and see which ones I want to invest time in. I already know I like contributing artists Toni Burt and Tamara LaPorte. If you’d like to see all of the contributing artists or sign up, jump over to the Sketchbook Revival site.

Even if you only watch one or two videos, this seems like a no brainer. I signed up. Hope to see you there!

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