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Inktober Recap Days 20-31: Tools, Tips, and Lessons Learned

Inktober may have ended, but the lessons learned will live on. Enjoy this recap of Artful Pursuit’s drawings, tools, tips, and lessons learned throughout October.

Inktober is a month long art challenge  focused on improving drawing and inking skills while developing positive drawing habits. Every day, for the month of October,  Inktober participants created an ink drawing and posted it online.

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I followed the official Inktober prompts of 2019. I combined some prompts and did some out of order, but in the end, I completed a drawing for each of them. Here’s a quick flip through of all of the drawings.

Recap of Inktober Days 20-31

Day 20: Tread

Tools — A waterproof black pen, Uni-ball .5mm black, created the tread.

Tips / Lessons Learned — Try lettering in the negative space of an object in your drawing. I found the quote I wanted and thought it would look cool on the bottom of a shoe. Instead of inking the letters, I colored the shoe and left the shapes of the letters in the white space. It created well integrated typography.

Days 21 & 23 : Treasure & Ancient

Tools — The drawing was done with a simple, waterproof black pen, Uni-ball .5mm black. Shading was achieved using diluted India Ink, and Neo color II water soluble pastels provided the color in this children’s illustration.

Tips / Lessons Learned — Use each color in 3 places on your piece. It creates a sense of unity and helps the viewers’ eyes move easily around the composition.

Days 24 & 28 : Dizzy & Ride

Tools — On the carnival piece, I used the black Uni-ball waterproof pen, diluted India Ink, and touch of Daniel Smith watercolors.

Tips / Lessons Learned — Using only one accent color can create a more impactful piece sometimes.

Day 26 : Dark

Tools— This face was done using only Black Acrylic Ink diluted to various degrees.

Tips / Lessons Learned — Value is a difficult concept. Try to create a piece using only one color with various values.

Day 27 & 29 : Coat & Injured

Tools— I used the black Uni-ball waterproof pen, diluted India Ink, and touch of Daniel Smith watercolors.

Tips / Lessons Learned — October is the month of Halloween. It seemed only fitting to have a couple of Halloween-y pieces. To add a touch of gore, I splattered red watercolor on the piece. Try to add some splatter to a piece for depth and interest.

Day 30 : Catch

Tools    I used a Uni-ball .5mm black waterproof pen to draw the dream CATCHer.

Tips / Lessons Learned — The mandala is just one shape rotated and repeated. Try to make a mandala. It’s meditative and looks cool.

Day 25 & 31 : Tasty & Ripe

ToolsTo illustrate the ripe and tasty pear, I used a Uni-ball .5mm black waterproof pen, Daniel Smith watercolors , diluted India Ink for shading.

Tips / Lessons Learned — I enjoyed using stippling (black dots) for a textured look in the shaded areas. Additionally, I built up the watercolor by bouncing dots of colors atop the previous layers mirroring the pen stippling. Lastly, I added a horizon line so it didn’t look like the pear was floating on the page. I finished it with some splatter creating dots in a third way. The magic of 3 again 🙂

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I’d love to hear your final impressions. Leave me a comment letting me know if any of the inked pieces, tools, tips, or lessons resonated with you.

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  • Wow! Your art is super cool. I’m a stick figure type of drawer…it must take quite a bit of time to do one of these a day!


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