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Mixed Media Snowman Process Video & Tutorial

With the storm that hit the east recently and the holidays right around the corner, this mixed media snowman was born into the bullet art journal. Here’s a quick process video and tutorial for you to make your own mixed media snowman. Enjoy!


Mixed Media Snowman Step-by-Step Tutorial


I painted this in my Dylusions Art Journal. First, Gesso the page. Then, put 3 different blue paints and some white paint on your palette. (I used Golden fluids Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue Green Shade, & Anthraquinone Blue with Titanium White.) Use a gift card, old credit card, or catalyst wedge to scrape and mix the paints on. Use Deli paper to protect your surface or under pages if needed.

Create Texture

There are several ways to give your piece a richly textured look and feel. First, spray the paint while it’s still wet with a water bottle and then cover and press a paper towel over it to lift the water droplets off, revealing speckles of the under paint colors. Second, scrape paint on the bottom third of the page to create a horizon line. Then, use stencils to add more texture to the background. (I used Golden fluid Paynes Grey through a harlequin stencil & a script stencil). You can also paint white paint onto bubble wrap and stamp it on the background for more texture. Lastly, water down your paint and splatter it onto the surface to create a snowy effect.

Focal Point

Use a medium sized brush to paint in your snowman body on the right third of the page. Darken the snow underneath the snowman to integrate it into the snow on the ground. Shade the sides of the snowman to give it some dimensionality. Use an orange Stabilo All pencil to sketch in his nose and a black Stabilo All pencil to outline the snowman and sketch in other features. Dip a small brush in water and use it to activate the Stabilo All lines and create shadows. Sketch and paint hat and add color to scarf. I used a purple to continue the cool color scheme.


To give your piece a polish, continue to add details and stragegic colors. Choose a complimentary color to add a pop, interest, and some dimension. (I used Golden Fluid Cadmium red mixed with Golden Fluid Indian Yellow.) Apply it to the base of the snowman for more contrast, the horizon line for definition, and the nose for opacity. Use a small brush to touch up details. Go over anything that faded and needs to be redefined and separate the snowman from the background if there isn’t enough contrast in places.

Don’t forget to sketch and paint in the snowman’s arms once the background is done. Then, use a small detail paint brush to add snowy highlights to any piece of the snowman that would protrude and collect snow. Finally, put in final details on the snowman’s accessories and touch up any places that don’t look right to you. Trust your artist’s eye.


Add journaling if you like. I used a die cut machine to cut out ‘Let it Snow’ and then used my Xyron to turn it into a sticker. Add some final sticky back pearls for decoration if you like (totally optional, of course).


All of the materials are linked in the tutorial above. Please note they are affiliate links meaning that I get a tiny percentage of a payout for recommending the products. The price is the same for you with or without the links, so I appreciate your support in using them.

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