How to Have a Successful 100 Day Project

Download Your FREE #The100DayProject Tracker Sheet Download PDFAs I prepare for my fifth year with the 100 Day Project, I realize how much I’ve learned.  I hope these lessons learned…

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100 Day Project Wisdom

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Art Class

Recycled Art for Earth Day

For Earth Day I thought it would be a really neat lesson for my fourth grade class to create art using all recycled materials. The projects turned out great and my recycle bin was happy for the reprieve! I subscribe to Hello Fresh and have a couple of meals delivered to our house each week….

Lunch Art Snacks

I had a revelation today. I don’t normally indulge in my personal art until I’m off the clock. I try to cram it in late at night after everyone in my family has gone to bed and my demands of the day are done. I’m often tired and drained, but I don’t want to give…

Tuesday Tip: Using Palette Paint Skins

“What are you doing?!?!?” a girl frantically asked me as I washed my paint palette after an art class. I blinked blankly, “Um…cleaning up?” I could tell she almost pitied me. “You can totally use that after it dries! Just peel it out and glue it down.” It was too late for me that day,…

Stephanie Bower Urban Sketching Workshop

A new art form I’ve been dabbling in for about a year is urban sketching. Art is often a solitary hobby, but urban sketching adds a social element which makes my extrovert heart sing. It also helps me learn how to approach drawings of architecture which I find fascinating, AND I get to explore my…

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