How to Have a Successful 100 Day Project

Download Your FREE #The100DayProject Tracker Sheet Download PDFAs I prepare for my fifth year with the 100 Day Project, I realize how much I’ve learned.  I hope these lessons learned…

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100 Day Project Wisdom

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Life Book 2017 Summary

Well, it’s done. 2017 came and went like a flash. In retrospect, I accomplished a lot of art — not a lot of blogging, but a lot of art. I took several art classes this year, some online and some in person. I devoted the majority of my energy and time to Life Book, an…

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2017 Artistic Intentions

I love the New Year. It’s such an amazing time to assess life, love, and art. I am a goal oriented person, so I use this time of year to reflect on my intentions. I used to set resolutions and then fail annually. Then, I adopted Ali Edward’s One Little Word theory and started to…

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The Coble Effect: A Mixed Media LifeBook Lesson

I have a total artist crush on Roxanne Coble. The way she stacks colors, the way she incorporates collage, and the mark making…seriously inspired stuff. The Colors In this LifeBook lesson, she walked us through the creation of painting an abstract background that was so easy and impactful. Coble uses an analogous color scheme. I…

Mixed Media piece

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