How to Have a Successful 100 Day Project

Download Your FREE #The100DayProject Tracker Sheet Download PDFAs I prepare for my fifth year with the 100 Day Project, I realize how much I’ve learned.  I hope these lessons learned…

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100 Day Project Wisdom

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Card Making

Not Sew Hard Mother’s Day Card

The card that I made two iterations of this week is based on a Perpetual Pin. A Perpetual Pin is the term I use for an item that I pin repeatedly on Pinterest. Don’t judge. You know you do it, too. The Motivation and Pinspiration So, for once in my life I decided to get…

My Lady of Compassion Cut Me

A couple of weeks ago in Life Book, Shiloh Sophia McCloud walked us through the creation of “Our Lady of Self-Compassion.” I watched Shiloh create her lady with such ease and free spiritedness. It seemed like a walk in the park lesson — then I began. You’d think My Lady would be kind and compassionate,…

Card Making

Better Latte Than Never

My dear husband (DH) has recently returned from a trip around the world. That sounds nice — even enviable, right? I’m a silver lining kind of person. In actuality, it was an arduous 8 month Navy deployment. Not exactly fun, but the care packages totally helped brighten some days. DH’s closest comrade on the deployment…

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